Underlying Structures Zaïmph No Rent Records Cassette (NoRent039) 2021

Losing Circles Marcia Bassett and Thomas Dimuzio Yew Recordings YEW013 2021

Garden of Paradox Marcia Bassett Bandcamp digital 2021
Drift/Scatter/Settle Live performance with Nancy Storrow at A.I.R. Gallery, NY Bandcamp digital 2021


You Are Here Marcia Bassett Digital Yew Recordings YEW011 2020
Two Butterflies Marcia Bassett Digital Yew Recordings YEW012 2020

Morning Flare Symmetries Marcia Bassett and Samara Lubelski LP Feeding Tube Records 2020
Buchla Now features music from Marcia Bassett, Suzanne Ciani, Dan Deacon, Jonathan Fitoussi, Steve Horelick, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Hans Tammen & compilation curator Todd Barton. Cassette ULV 2020
Survival of Laments Improvisation with Marcia Bassett, Margarida Garcia, and Manuel Mota. CD ltd ed 150. Headlights Recordings 



Endless Parabolas Marcia Bassett and Bob Bellerue Cassette HumanHood Recordings HHR71 2019
Here The Rest Immobile
 Marcia Bassett, Margarida Garcia & Manuel Mota Ltd Ed LP YEW Recordings 2019 YEW009
Neue Schachtel Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski Cassette Sloow Tapes 2019


Rhizomatic Gaze Zaïmph 2xLP Drawing Room Records
Zaïmph s/t 8″ Lathe Independent Woman Records I.W.R 043


Telephoto Eye Zaïmph Cassette 2017 YEW 
Live NYC 
Marcia Bassett and Samara Lubelski LP 2017 Feeding Tube Records
Transverse Presence Zaïmph Cassette 2017 No Rent Records NRR52


Between The Infinite And The Finite Zaïmph LP 2016 YEW

LP available for purchase at FUSETRON & FORCED EXPOSURE


Two Aspects Divided Zaïmph LP 2015 YEW


110 Livingston Marcia Bassett and Samara Lubelski LP 2014 Golden Lab Records
L’interieur De La Vue
Zaïmph & Yek Koo Cassette 2014 Obsolete Units
Supreme Boredom Zaïmph digital download 2014 YEW


Evolucao Zaïmph Cassette 2013 Dungeon Taxis
Go My Dream Zaïmph Laser Cut wood + digital download ed. 10 2013 YEW
The Enormous Space Comp Zaïmph digital download 2013 Soundeyet
Zaïmph split with o Heiðrún 30 hand numbered cassettes 2013 Blackseed Records
Live Albany/Hudson Zaïmph cassette 2013 A Static Reason


Private Body Zaïmph Cdr 2012 YEW
Control Risks Zaïmph Cassette 2012 YEW
Imagine Yourself Here… Zaïmph LP 2012 YEW

Sunday Night, Sunday Afternoon Marcia Bassett (guitar) and Samara Lubelski (violin) LP 2012 Kye


Tobacco Flowers Various – Clandestine Series Cassette # One 2011 Northern-Spy


Zaïmph / J.Graf – Split 7″ 2010 Ideal Recordings
Peradam, M. Bassett and J. Graf CD 2010 Utech Records
Coast To Coast Cassette, 2010 Gift Tapes
The Well /Marcia Bassett (guitar) and Margarida Garcia (bass) LP 2010 Headlights
Lapidary / Marcia Bassett (guitar) and Helena Espvall (cello) LP 2010 AltVinyl


Serpent’s Bite CD 2009 Heavy Blossom
Death Blooming Pleasure LP 2009 No Fun Productions
iMail Wars – Zashiki -Warashi LP 2009 Conduit Creations
Zaïmph/ Jenny Graf – Split Cassette 2009 Utmarken


La Nuit Electrique CD 2008 Utech
The Undetermined Dyad LP 2008 Volcanic Tongue
s/t 7″ 2008 Arbor
Organized Anatomy / Marcia Bassett and Carlos Giffoni CD 2008 Blossoming Noise


Emblem CD 2007 W.M.O.r.
Can’t, Carly Ptak, Heather Leigh, Zaïmph 8″ lathe 2007 Curor Recordings
Bound with Skin / Zaïmph & Fursaxa CD 2007 Skulls of Heaven


Mirage of the Other LP December 2006 Gipsy Sphinx
Emblem CDR Oct 2006 Heavy Blossom – ed. 10
Live Hasselt CDR May 2006 Heavy Blossom
Molten Strings Various CD 2006 Students of Decay
3/6 Live Leeds Various – Sonic Protest 2006 Sonic Protest


Moon’s Pool CDR 2005 Heavy Blossom
Unfolded Gold CDR 2005 Heavy Blossom
Burning Darts Cassette 2005 Heavy Tapes
Mirror Image CDR May 2005 Heavy Blossom
Sexual Infinity CD 2005 Hospital Productions
Spectre Zaïmph – LIVE CD-r 2005 Heavy Blossom
Gematria Black Quarter, Curtis, Zaïmph, Workbench 2 x Cassette 2005 Heavy Tapes


Nicht Der Sun [lightening bolt] CDR 2004 Heavy Conversation
s/t [vapours] CDR 2004 Heavy Blossom

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