Jun 17th Flux Factory Lucas Ablea’s Frankenstein Three, joining a night of improvising trios arranged by Lucas Abella
Jul 12-14 Woodstockhausen Festival, Bloomville, NY Marcia Bassett and Ted Gordon (Buchla Music Easel improvisations with visuals)

Jan 15 Abasement #67 Bassett-Lubelski Duo Artists Space, NYC

Feb 2 Dark Circuits Orchestra plays pieces by Phill Niblock and Cornelius Cardew, Hunter College
Mar 11 UCSD Marcia Bassett and Samara Lubelski performance and conversation (daytime-private event)
Mar 11 Crescent House, San Diego performances by Charles Curtis and Marcia Bassett / Samara Lubelski Duo with Barry Weisblat (color gel slide projections)
Mar 14 Thee Stork Club, Oakland, CA Marcia Bassett / Samara Lubelski Duo with Barry Weisblat (visuals)/ Tara Jane O’Neil and Jmy James Kidd / Bill Orcutt
Mar 15 Indexical, Santa Cruz, CA Marcia Bassett / Samara Lubelski Duo with Barry Weisblat (visuals)/ Tara Jane O’Neil and Jmy James Kidd
Mar 16 Shape Shifters, Oakland, CA Marcia Bassett / Samara Lubelski Duo with Barry Weisblat (visuals)/ Thomas Dimuzio
Mar 17 Brian Faulkner’s House, Sacramento, CA Marcia Bassett / Samara Lubelski Duo with Barry Weisblat (visuals)/ San Kazakgascar 
Mar 22 2220 Arts & Archive, Los Angeles, CA Marcia Bassett / Samara Lubelski Duo with Barry Weisblat (visuals)/Tara Jane O’Neil and Jmy James Kidd
Mar 23 The Firehouse, Joshua Tree, CA Marcia Bassett / Samara Lubelski Duo with Barry Weisblat (visuals)/Tara Jane O’Neil and Jmy James Kidd / The Crooks
Apr 5 Brickbat Books, Philadelphia, PA Open Mouth presents Marcia Bassett (solo guitar) / MANNA
Apr 18 Le Poisson Rouge, NYC Marcia Bassett/Samara Lubelski duo opening for Anthony Braxton and Wolf Eyes

Jan 6 Margot Samel Gallery, NYC ‘Spikes That Bite’ Sound for Narcissister performance
Feb 16 Musical Ecologies at The Stone House, Brooklyn, in collaboration with Ted Gordon
Feb 17 Dark Circuits Orchestra, Hunter College, NYC 
Mar 23 Union Pool Marcia Bassett, Patrick Holmes, Ryan Sawyer / Smoota and The Beast / Kolumbo
Apr 1 Secret Project Robot Marcia Bassett and Samara Lubeksi / Masaaki / Frank Hurricane
Apr 16 Shift 411 Kent Live improvisations with Eva Siden
Apr 23 Sonoscopia Residency, Porto, PT with Ursula Scherrer
Apr 26 ZDB, Lisbon, PT Marcia Bassett and Ursula Scherrer
Apr 29 Sonoscopia Porto, PT live improvisations, Marcia Bassett and Ursula Scherrer
May 2 Mayhem Copenhagen DK with Jenny Graf and Family Underground
May 5 Fylkingen, Stockholm, SE 
May 6 Klubb19,  Västerås, SE
May 26 Hutghi’s Westfield, MA Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski w/Stella Kola
May 27 Clark Art Museum Williamstown, MA Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski 
May 28 Tubby’s Kingston, NY Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski
Oct 6 Sonsoria Polifonico @ Sheffield, UK
Oct 7 Rammel Club @ Nottingham, UK








Oct 8 Cafe Oto @ London, UK
Oct 10 Treize @ Paris, FR
Oct 11 AB Concerts House Of GrowingFunding @ Brussels, BE
Oct 12 Sound In Motion Grambach @ Mechelen, BE
Oct 13 Rue Alex Bouvy 5 @ Liege, BE
Oct 14 KRUT KRAAK @ Ghent, BE
Nov 17 Issue Project Room @ Brooklyn Music School Yasunao Tone / Marcia Bassett & Bob Bellerue
Dec 11 Microscope Gallery, NYC Marcia Bassett / Warren Ng / Jeremy Slater


Feb 3 Red Room in your Room Highzero Foundation


Feb 17 Mixology Festival Roulette Brooklyn NY Marcia Bassett (Buchla Music Easel), Ted Gordon (Buchla Music Easel), and Patrick Cain (visuals) 
Mar 12 KRAAK Festival Het Bos Antwerp, Belgium with Ursula Scherrer (live video manipulation)
Mar 13  – 19 A La Maison Printing, Paris, FR  FAC/CE residency with Ursula Scherrer Closing show Mar 19th

Mar 22 The Film Gallery, Paris, FR multimedia event w/ live processed sound & projections Marcia Bassett, Ursula Scherrer, Sergej Vutuc
Mar 24 Neue Schachtel Stuttgart DE Marcia Bassett w/ live video Manipulation by Ursula Scherrer

Apr 15 ENDE TYMES 12, Trans Pecos Queens Festival runs from Apr 15 -17th 
May 1 Brooklyn Bridge Park participant in David Watson’s compositional piece in conjunction with Claudia Wiesel’s public sculpture “Rehearsal.”
May 4 411 Kent Ave, Brooklyn duo with Samara Lubelski
May 30  Sonoscopia Microvolumes Porto Portugal duo with Samara Lubelski
Jun 1 Igreja de Santa Isabel Lisbon Portugal duo with Samara Lubelski
Jun 3 Kaiola Festibala Galdakaon Spain duo with Samara Lubelski

Jun 4 Tabakalera, San Sebastin Spain duo with Samara Lubelski
Jun 25 Sunview Greenpoint duo with Jason Kahn
Jul 23 Summer Scum 7 TV EYE Queens NY duo with Bob Bellerue
Aug 7 Trans Pecos Bad Trips, Marcia Bassett, Brian Sullivan, Gabby Fluke Mogul
Sep 14 411 Kent Shift 22  Marcia Bassett, Sandy Gordon, Ted Gordon Jim Pugliese & Marco Capelli’s IDR (Italian Doc Remix)
Oct 14 Benefit for Ukrainian Red Cross screening EARTH w/ score by ACME w/ Marcia Bassett ((Buchla Music Easel) Jamesport Meeting House, Jamesport, NY
Oct 22
Fire Over Heaven Benefit Concert at Outpost Artists Resources 2-8pm 75 Dollar Bill Little Big Band; William Parker; Loren Connors; Eve Essex; David Grubbs & Ryley Walker; Patrick Holmes/Ryan Sawyer/Marcia Bassett; C. Spencer Yeh; Anaïs Maviel & Che Chen

Nov 17 Trans Pecos duo with Thomas Dimuzio, Bob Bellerue and others
Nov 29 Sundown Ridgewood, Queens Marcia Bassett, Patrick Holmes, Ryan Sawyer trio / Che Chen, Patrick Shiroishi, Lane Shi Otay:onii and Topu Lyo
Dec 2 Jerry’s on Front Philadelphia duo with Samara Lubelski & Basic Chris Forsyth, Nick Millevoi and Mikel Avery

Dec 3 Catalytic Sound Festival duo with Samara Lubelski, Rhizome D.C.


May 11 Greenpoint LIVE Outdoor Marcia Bassett with Barry Wesiblat / Sam Weinberg organized by David Watson
May 29 Vibrant Festival online biannual international festival for piano, electro-acoustic music, sound art,  & video/premiere of ‘Recollection Through Manipulated Circuits’ – Marcia Bassett (sound) & Katherine Liberovskaya (video) 
June 6 Million Tongues Festival online organized by Steve Krakow
Sep 15 Greenpoint Nature Walk Buchla duo with Ted Gordon / Tom Carter and Patrick Holmes collab
Oct 17 DAMAS Lisbon Portugal improvisation night with Marcia Bassett, Margarida Garcia, David Maranha and Manuel Mota
Oct 22 Freddy’s Brooklyn, NY Marcia Bassett and Chris LiButti / Michael Foster, Eli Wallace and Lesley Mok
Nov 18 Fire Over Heaven Series Outpost Artists Resources Jason Kao Hwang Critical Response // Marcia Bassett, Sandy Gordon, Barry Weisblat 

Dec 25 COOL FEST Video and sound Stream COOL FEST 2021


Feb 14 Issue Project Room Marcia Bassett with Barry Weisblat projecting slides and Kyle Eyre Clyd
Feb 15 The Red Room Baltimore, MD Marcia Bassett / Kyle Eyre Clyd, Meredith Moore & Jimmy Joe Roche
Feb 16 Vox Populi Philadelphia, PA Marcia Bassett / Kyle Eyre Clyd/ Metalux / Tether
Mar 13 – 18th Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA Social Residency
Mar 14 Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA Social Entropy Marcia Bassett solo performance  CANCELLED COVID-19
Apr 2-4 Ende Tymes 11, HOLO, NYC collaboration w. Bob Bellerue  CANCELLED COVID-19
Jun 16 Park Church Co-op Greenpoint, Marcia Bassett &Eva Siden collaboration CANCELLED COVID-19
Jul 2 The Stone David Watson Graphic Score w Marcia Bassett, Anastasia Clarke, Bill Nace, Crystal Penalosa & David Watson CANCELLED COVID-19
Jul 10 Marcia Bassett and Samara Lubelski LIVE from Sunview Luncheonette for the QuaranTunes with Byron Coley & Feeding Tube Records

Aug 1 Marcia Bassett and Ted Gordon streaming show on ESS Experimental Sound Studio
Aug 6 No Response Festival Cincinnati, Ohio CANCELLED COVID-19
Dec 13 Drift/Scatter/Settle, AIR Gallery Marcia Bassett in collaboration with Nancy Storrow


Jan 19 KM 28, Berlin, DE Zaïmph //Maria Chavez///Audrey Chen & Megumi Eda
Feb 15 The Lab, San Francisco, CA Zaïmph/// Kaori Suzuki
Feb 17 Coaxial, Los Angeles, CA presented by VOLUME Zaïmph / Kaori Suzuki w/ Matt Barbier// William Fowler Collins /// Geneva Skeen
Mar 6 Limited Resources,  NYC collaboration with Sandy Gordon
Apr 4-7 Ende Tymes Festival Secret Project Robot, NYC collaboration with Barry Weisblat
Apr 25 Sunview Luncheonette, Brooklyn, Collaboration with Barry Wesiblat / /Charmaine Lee, Henry Fraser, Sam Weinberg ///  John McCowen, Sandy Ewen, Ryan Packard
May 18 The Schoolhouse, Brooklyn, Marcia Bassett & Ted Gordon w/ light projections by Jeffrey Perkins // Sandy Ewen & Cecilia Lopez /// Keith Fullerton Whitman /// Visuals and DJ Camilla Padgitt-Coles
May 29 538 Johnson Shredded Nerve//Zaïmph//Scant//Ploughshare//Stroker
Jun 2 Sunview Luncheonette, Brooklyn, Bob Bellerue & Marcia Bassett// Joe Baiza & Jason Kahn///Sean Meehan, John McCowen & Barry Weisblat
Jul 28 First Unitarian Congregational Society, Brooklyn The Charmed Piano by Bob Bellerue / Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski //Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille
Aug 11 The Eternal Now sound and light improvisations at Emily Harvey Foundation with Marcia Bassett, Ted Gordon & Jeffrey Perkins (private invite)
Aug 15 Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski //John Krausbauer & Kaori Suzuki ///Rogue Squares
Aug 16 Indexical, Radius Gallery 1050 River St. Santa Cruz Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski //Ordinary Blood
Aug 17 Center For New Music, San Francisco, CA Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski ///Ecstatic Music Band
Aug 18  BAMPFA Berkeley, CA Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski // John Krausbauer & Kaori Suzuki
Aug 19 Richard’s Goat Arcata, CA  Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski // John Krausbauer & Kaori Suzuki ///Ensemble Economique
Aug 21 Turn, Turn, Turn Portland, OR  Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski // John Krausbauer & Kaori Suzuki // The Tenses
Aug 22 Chapel Performance Space  Seattle, WA Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski // John Krausbauer & Kaori Suzuki /// Greg Kelley & Rob Millis
Aug 24 Toast Vancouver B.C. Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski //// John Krausbauer & Kaori Suzuki
Oct 3 Holo NYC Marcia Bassett and Bob Bellerue w/ Bill Nace & Samara Lubelski / Tetuzi Akiyama & John Krausbauer / Lary 7
Sep 18 Roulette NYC Time_Untime collaboration with Ursula Scherrer
Sep 27 OptoSonic Tea at Parrish Art Museum, Watermill Southhampton, NY
Oct 14 -25 EMS Stockholm, SE Guest Composer Residency
Oct 15 EMS Stockholm, SE Work presentation
Oct 17 Larry’s Corner Stockholm Zaimph / Jon Collin // Johan Arrias
Nov 7 Pageant:Soloveev, Philadelphia The Eternal Now Sound & Light Improvisations with Marcia Bassett, Ted Gordon and Jeffrey Perkins
Nov 8 Diffusion Festival,The Red Room, Baltimore The Eternal Now Sound & Light Improvisations
Nov 9 HR Records DC The Eternal Now (artist talk at HR Records
Nov 10 Rhizome DC The Eternal Now Sound & Light Improvisations
Nov 17 Windjammers, Ridgewood The Might Trio (Henry Fraser, Sam Weinberg & John McCowan) / C Spencer Yeh // Marcia Bassett & Barry Weisblat
Nov 20 Sunview, Brooklyn Beam Splitter w Ka Baird / Sam Weinberg //Marcia Bassett & David Watson
Dec 8 Sunview, Brooklyn Marcia Bassett, Michael R. Berstein & Hairy Sands

Jan 1 Holo, NY New Years Day Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski /Excepter//Mark Charles Morgan///L. Gray
Jan 14 Holo, NY Zaïmph at the Twelve Hour Drone Event
Mar 30 Wonders Of Nature, NYC Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski / Spencer Herbst // Bentley Anderson & Mystic Ruler
Apr 9 Abasement, NY Trio of Marcia Bassett, Katherine Liberovskaya & Shelley Hirsch / Fritz Welch //N. Heroux///Queen Sun Sun////Dj Gabe (Lazy Planet)
May 31 Spectrum, NY Zaïmph with Helga Fassonaki, Kathleen Kim and Mark Morgan
Jun 8  Vox Populi Phila, PA Marcia Bassett & Barry Weisblat with John Krausbauer, Kaori Suzuki and Bill Nace
Jun16 The Root Cellar Greenfield, MA Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski
Jun 17 Suoni del Popolo Festival, Montreal, QC Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski // Sophie Trudeau & Michaela Grill
Jun 29 Union Pool, NYC Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski //Zomes /// Stephen Strobmeier
Aug 25 Utrechet, NL Oud Musik Utrecht Survival of Laments trio Marcia Bassett, Margarida Garcia & Manuel Mota
Sep 6-9 Tunis, Tunisia Interference Light Art Project – live sound in collaboration w/ Ursula Scherrer’s light installation
Oct 11 HOLO Ridgewood, Queens Duo with Marcia Bassett & Sandy Gordon/ HEARTS & MINDS //Warren Ng
Oct 13 Glass Box Theater at Mannes School of Music,NYC Keith Rowe: Extended afternoon session w/ Marcia Bassett (guitar) and Barry Weisblat (electronics)//Maria Chavez (turntable) and Sandy Ewen (guitar)///Clara de Asís (guitar) and Lucie Vítková (accordion and varia)
Nov 5 Abasement Max Fish 21 years of Ultra Eczema NO CHOICE Stage duo and trio pairings
New Zealand Zaïmph Tour Nov 2018

Nov 14 Audio Foundation, Auckland with Rachel Shearer and Rosy Parlane
Nov 16 Snails, Palmerston North with DSLB and Distance
Nov 17 The Pyramid Club, Wellington with Thomas Arbor and Ludus
Nov 23 The Dark Room, Christchurch with Teen Haters and Scythes
Nov 24 Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin with Ye and Gate
Nov 28 The Wine Cellar, Auckland with Psychick Witch and Astrolabe
Dec 10 Abasement, NYC with Marcia Bassett, Lotte Anker, Andrew Lafkas and Barry Weisblat
Dec 15 Issue Project Room, NYC, Year-End Gala, collaboration with Shelley Hirsch //WetWare & James Hoff
Dec 28 Alphaville, Brooklyn Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski //Spencer Herbst///Russ Waterhouse/////DJ Joel St Germain

Jan 9, Abasement 21, Max Fish basement, NYC Zaïmph w/ Matt Krefting, Amelia Marzec and Maximum Ernst
Jan 18, Roulette, Brooklyn, Ka Baird presents “Saproelicisms” piano, voice & flute improvisations with Marcia Bassett on Buchla Easel & sound reactive projections from Camilla Padgitt-Coles.
Feb 10, KFJC 8pm Zaïmph live stream hosted by James Livingston.
Feb 11, The Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco with Bill Orcutt and Clarke/Gordon.
Feb 12, Frequency Modulation Radio, KFJC, Berkeley, CA with Thomas Dimuzio and Jack Hertz
Mar 10, EMP, Baltimore with Barry Wesiblat, and Abstract Human
Mar 11, Rhizome, D.C. with Barry Wesiblat, and Abstract Human
Mar 25, Record Exchange, Philadelphia with Fursaxa
Apr 1 Gallery 1412 Seattle ZAIMPH with Goldston & Icasiano / Bonnie White & R. Hammond
Apr 28 Ende Tymes VII NYC Silent Barn
May 12 Judson Church, NYC, 11th NYC Anarchist Arts Festival in collaboration with Katherine Liberovskaya (visuals)
Jun 1 The Glove, Brooklyn with Zaïmph w/ Climax Denial / Peter J Woods // Plagues//Saran Man //Malcriado //Compile
Jun 15 The Sump, Ridgewood Fire Over Heaven Series with Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski and Barrry Weisblat (visuals), Ka Baird and Charmaine Lee
Jul 29 Legroom, Manchester with Naomi Kashiwagi & Karl D’Silva
Jul 30 Golden Lion, Todmorden, Calder Valley
Aug 2 Wharf Chambers, Leeds with VCO and Kelly Jayne Jones
Aug 3 MK Gallery, Milton Keynes MK9 3QA
Aug 4-6  Supernormal Festival   Braziers Park
Aug 9 Here:10 Evenings, Vitlycke Centre for Performing Arts, Sweden with Jenny Graf
Aug 11 Kafe Haerverk, Oslo, Norway with Jenny Graf
Aug 12 Mayhem, Copenhagen DK with Jenny Graf & Family Underground
Sep 16 Sonic Circuits Festival, Washington DC Marcia Bassett and Bob Bellerue collaboration
Oct 6 Handbag Factory Zaimph, Pod Blotz, Peter Kolovos, Gabie Strong+Christopher Reid Martin duo
Nov 10 Le Guess Who, Utrecht NL Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski
Nov 11 Sonic City Brussels, BE Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski duo
Nov 14  Grrrnd Zero, Lyon, FR Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski duo
Nov 15 Cave 12 Geneva, CH Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski duo
Nov 16 Neu Schachtel, Stuttgart, DE Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski duo /Olimpia Splendid
Nov 17 Skaņu mežs Riga, LV Marcia Bassett and Samara Lubelski duo accompanied by analogue cinematic performance by Ieva Balode
Nov 19 Modellbahn house concert  Berlin, DE Marcia Bassett and Samara Lubelski duo
Nov 20 Ausland, Berlin, DE Marcia Bassett and Samara Lubelski duo
Nov  9 De Audio Plant, Antwerp, BE Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski duo
Nov 10 Le Guess Who? Utrecht, NL Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski duo
Dec 7 The Glove, NY Zaimph w/ DNR/ Julia Santolli//Limbs Bin /// Jay Randall
Dec 16 Abasement, NYC Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski duo

Jan 10th OptoSonic Tea presents: Gen Ken Montgomery’s Super Group, Audio-Visual Scored Immersive Improvisation Concert with sound, projections, poetry and light @ Experimental Intermedia
Feb 6 Dense Mesh: The Revival at Sunview Lunchnet. Marcia Bassett with Barry Weisblat, Maria Chavez, Nonhorse, Lea Bertucci.
Feb 18 Trans-Pecos, Marcia Bassett & Bob Bellerue (collab), KHF, Spiteful Womb, Damages & Pública
Feb 21 Secret Project Robot David Linton’s Birthday Bash
Mar 6 Tran-Pecos, Charalambides // anastasia clarke, ka baird, sandy gordon, daniel carter // marcia bassett + samara lubelski // somnambulists
Apr 22 Silent Barn, NYC Benefit for Bob Turman, Duo with Bob Bellerue
Apr 26 The Kitchen Ed Atkins – Performance Capture – Marcia Bassett, Bob Bellerue, Matthew Regula
May 19 Non Plus Ultra Zaimph & Yee Koo, Los Angeles, CA
Jun 2 Heat Identity at Ende Tymes Festival Knockdown Center Flushing Ave, Queens (co-presented by Issue Project Room)
Jun 21, Tarot Society, Marcia Bassett & Sean Julian with Tyler Damon & Muyassar Kurdi and Sapropelic Pycnic.
Jul 2, La Vitrolla, Montreal – Zaimph with Magneticring and Buffalo MRI.
Jul 7, The Sump, Ridgewood, Queens collab with Jun-Y Ciao & Mai Mai (from Shanghai), Samara Lubelski / Barry Weisblat and Che Chen & David Watson.
Jul 23, Silent Barn, No More Tangles Festival begins at 4pm – midnight Zaimph at 10pm.
Jul 26, Narcissister on the High Line, sound by Zaimph performance begins at 9pm @ 14th Street Passage
Aug 19th – Portland, OR AKA Gallery, Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski, Theo Angell and Tara Jane O’Neil
Aug 20th – Vancouver,  BC, Red Gate, Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski, Gretchen Snakes, Rusalka and Clear Channel
Aug 23rd – Seattle, WA – LIVE radio show, Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski
Aug 25th – Portland, OR, Holocene, Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski, Tenses, The Lavender Flu  & Grouper DJ SET
Sep 24th – The Schoolhouse, Brooklyn – Modular Equinox with Koen Holtkamp//Victoria Keddie/// Rose Kallal//// Marcia Bassett ///// Jonas Bers & Nathan Cearley////// Ryan Soper

Nov 2 – Knockdown Center STANDING WAVES collaboration with Bob Bellerue.
Nov 13, Trans Pecos, Ridgewood – Marcia Bassett, Andrew Lafkas and Barry Weisblat with Channeling, Jonas Bers, Bob Bellerue and Philip White
Nov 14, Abasement, Max Fish, NYC – Marcia Bassett, Andrew Lafkas, Barry Wiesblat and Daniel Carter & Talibam and David Watson.
Nov 19, Freddy’s 627 5th Ave,  10pm / 2 sets with Andrew Lafkas Ensemble – Alternate Models
Nov 30, The SUMP, 1563 Decatur RECORD RELEASE Between The Infinite And The Finite
Dec 10, Pineapple Reality, Brooklyn, NY Zaïmph// Fursaxa/// Samara Lubelski

Jan 9th, Duo with Samara Lubelski, 7pm early show at Baby’s All Right (with Rangda).
Jan 18th, Duo with Samara Lubelski, 9pm, Palisades with Curse Purse feat Gary Panter, CE Schneider Topica, KHF & Blessed Thistle
Feb 7th, Zaimph, Handbag Factory, LA with Chris Corsano, Carlos Giffoni, & Peter Kolovos & Eloe Omoe
Feb 8th, Zaimph,  MATA 3709 W Pico Blvd, LA with Shelter Death, Un Ciego, Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier
Mar 8 – Andrew Lafkas & Ensemble performing at Experimental Intermedia, NY, NY
Mar 11 – Zaimph ‘One Two Sides Dirty’ as part of Khal – A project by Helga Fassonaki at Glasshouse, NYC
Mar 27th – Fotofono Fest, NYC -Marcia Basset / Andrew Lafkas / mpld / Barry Weisblat – Che Chen / Karen Waltuch – Radio Ruido
Apr 16th,  Double Double Debut Duos at Silent Barn – Marcia Bassett + Bob Bellerue /Stuart Popejoy + Andrew Hock/Malory + UMFANG /Greg Fox + Ryan Soper/Dave Harrington + Nicholas Principe
Apr 19th, A Night of Projections and Sound – PS1 Print Shop, 7pm –Zaimph/Gen Ken – Lea Bertucci/Bradley Eros – Samuel Lang Budin/Anastasia Clarke/Sandy Gordon
May 14, Duo with Samara Lubelski, Ende Tymes Festival, Knockdown Center, NYC
May 16, Zaimph at El Nicho Fesitval,  Mexico City, Mexico
May 17, Duo with Samara Lubelski, at El Nicho Festival, Mexico City, Mexico
Jun 5, Duo with Samara Lubelski, at Union Pool
Jun 18, Zaimph at Alphaville, Brooklyn with Tashi Dorji and Aimee Hunter
Jul 15 Zaimph at Trans Pecos – Excepter presents all-night festival
Jul 25 Duo with Samara Lubelski, Hudson, NY
Sep 9 Duo with Samara Lubelski LIVE on WNYU Termite Terrace 7:30pm
Sep 11 EXCEPTER presents Zaimph, Bob Bellerue + Mister Matthews, Excepter, Grasshopper, Trans Pecos
Sep 12  Zaimph at John Doe Hudson presents, Basilica Soundscape, Hudson, NY
Sep 13 Duo with Samara Lubelski at Silent Barn
Oct 18 Paris, Le Parvis de Bagnolet – Zaimph w/ Muyassar Kurdi and Herz Chain, Macon and Philemon
Oct 22  Milano Italy O’  via Pastrengo 12 – Zaimph and Manuel Mota
Oct 23 Stuttgart Rakete Filderstr.47  Zaimph and Manuel Mota

Oct 23 Stuttgart - Zaimph and Manuel Mota Rakete Filderstr.47 70180 Stuttgart

Oct 24 Bremen, Die Friese Zaimph and Manuel Mota and Sissy Spacek
Oct 25 Mechelen, BE gr’Ambacht Trio of  Marcia Bassett, Margarida Garcia & Manuel Mota
Oct 26 Brussels, Hectoliter Zaimph and  Margarida Garcia & Manuel Mota
Oct 27 Gent, In De Ruimte  Zaimph and Margarida Garcia & Manuel Mota
Oct 28 Den Haag, Villa K, at the Violenweg 2  Zaimph and Margarida Garcia & Manuel Mota
Oct 29 Rotterdam, WORM  Zaimph and Margarida Garcia & Manuel Mota and Ilyas Ahmed
Nov 14 Zaimph, Muyassar Kurdi and Native/Naive at Troost, Greenpoint, NY
Nov 16 Bob Bellerue & Marcia Bassett, Ben Owen & Ed Bear, If. Bwana and Jason Kahn, Toshimaru Nakamura, Bryan Eubanks & Tetuzi Akiyama
Dec 23rd Zaimph, MV Carbon, Miguel Frasconi & Hans Tammen w/ live VIDEO: Eric Barry Drasin at Poppers Locarno, Ridgewood, NY

Jan 12 Brooklyn, NY Silent Barn OptoSonic Tea mini festival.
Mar 8 NYC, Printed Matter, NOISECONOMY w/ David Schafer and Matthew Regula
Mar 13 Brooklyn, Trans Pecos, Trio of Barry Weisblat, Andrew Lafkas & Marcia Bassett w/ Tom Carter and Pat Murano/ Raajmahal and Jef Brown.
April 23, Brooklyn, Silent Barn, Zaimph w/ Ignatz, Samara Lubelski, and Kuschty Rye Ergot


May 29 Paris LE CHINOIS de Montreuil with JENNY GRÄF, MESA OF THE LOST WOMEN feat. CATHY HEYDEN/ fr metz paris, and MACON/fr grenoble
May 31 Brussels at NEST – Show starts at 21h. Live shows by Jenny Gräf, Zaïmph & Draaier/Frezer.
June 8 Brussels Q-02 collab with Jenny Graf.
Jun 12 Glasgow Scotland, Nice & Sleazy with Heather Leigh and Richard Youngs
Jun 13 Manchester At KRAAK with Heather Leigh, Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura and Kelly Jones & Pascal Nichols
Jun 14 London – Cafe Oto with Annihilating Light (Heather Leigh & Stefan Jaworzyn) and Poulomi Desai
Aug 15 Hudson NY Spotty Dog with Silent Isle and Colin Fisher
Aug 21 Brooklyn NY The Ho-Se with The Second Sun, Saturn, Jason Kudo and Mr. Transylvania
Sep 6 Brooklyn NY Andrew Lafkas and Ensemble perform “Two Paths with Active Shadows under Three Moons and Surveillance” phase two.
Sep 28 at Union Pool duo with Samara Lubelski, Utter Not’s and Oceans Roar 1000.
Nov 8. Oakland, CA Life Changing Ministry w/ Thought Broadcast, Can’t, Rust Worship and Darksmith

Dec 5 at Fuse Factory, Frequency Fridays: Zaimph (NYC) + Mike Shiflet (CMH) + Bbob Drake (CLE) + TRILL KHIDR (CMH)
Dec 6 at Bunker Projects Pittsburgh PA with Can’t and White Reeves
Dec 7 Oberlin College with Can’t

Art – Erin Womak

Feb 9 Envoy Enterprises –Closing Night of “Narcissister Is You” video installation! Maria Chavez, Earthmasters and Narcissister, and Zaimph.
Mar 12 Brooklyn, NY Silent Barn HEAT IDENTITY w/ Alien Whale & Jason Martin
Mar 14 Brooklyn NY BLIND (email for loft address) collaboration with Barry Weisblat
Mar 15 Providence RI Machine Magnets w/ Shawn Greenlee, Work/Death, Nightmode
Mar 17 Boston MA Lilypad w/ Keith Fullerton Whitman, Patrick Emm
Mar 18 Albany NY Houseparty w/ Yee Koo,Chalaque, Jon Collins and Burnt Hills
Mar 19 Hudson, NY Spotty Dog w/ Yee Koo, Chalaque, Jon Collins
Mar 20 Brooklyn NY Silent Barn w/ Jenny Graf
Mar 21 Phila PA Heaven’s Gate w/Jenny Graf
Mar 22 Baltimore MD The Bank w/ Jenny Graf
Mar 31 Distended Cinema event Outpost Brooklyn, NY
May 17 Montreal QC Casa del Popolo w/ Cousins of Reggae
May 24-26 ENDE TYMES festival
May 27 Public Assembly Practice Series w/ Pod Blotz and Irene Moon

Jun 22 Duets: a collaboration with Yee Koo

Jul 16 Brooklyn NY Silent Barn HEAT IDENTITY, Nathaniel Bowles, Sun Color & Void Moon
Jul 20 Brooklyn, NY Prospect Range MB, Barry Weisblat & Andrew Lafkas, Silent Isle, Al Margolis & Ron Anderson, and John Truscinski
Jul 25 Brooklyn, NY Silent Barn Zaimph, Tarpit, Isa Christ, and Key of Shame
Sep 26 Brooklyn, NY Union Pool Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski with Tom Carter & Gate.

Oct 6 Brooklyn, NY Silent Barn Marcia Bassett + Barry Weisblat + Andrew Lafkas with Phill Niblock, Katherine Liberovskaya + Al Margolis + Leslie Ross, and Bob Bellerue + Philip White + Jeff Donaldson.
Oct 12 Baltimore, MD Holy Underground – Marcia Bassett + Barry Weisblat + Andrew Lafkas w/ Recluse and Zink Din
Oct 13 Philadelphia, PA Aux 319 N. 11th Street – Marcia Bassett + Barry Weisblat + Andrew Lafkas, and Jenny Graf
Oct 25 NYC Spectrum Zaimph, Koen Holtkamp + Byron Westbrook, and Ivy Meadows
Nov 30 Cool Fest XIII NYC Silent Barn
Dec 15 DistENDed cinema at The Firehouse Space duo with Andrew Lafkas
Dec 29 Silent Barn with Barry Weisblat and Andrew Lafkas

Jan 7 Phila, Pa with Helena Espvall
Feb 23 Zaimph set @ Brooklyn Fire Proof, 8pm
Apr 5 Collaboration with Samara Lubelski at Issue Project Room with New Monuments and Lasse Marhaug
Apr 15 Zaimph @ 285 Kent with Sylvia Kastel & Ninni Morgia, Licker and Zac Davis 8pm
Apr 28 Zaimph @ Vaudeville Park Lea Bertucci, Maria Chavez and MV Carbon
May 2 Zaimph @ Zebulon with LA Lakers, Yek Koo and Aster
May 13 WKCR Live Constructions @ 10pm
May 17-20 Ende Of Tymes Festival
May 25 performance at the closing of Dawn Kasper’s installation @ Whitney Museum of Art w/ Tara Jane O’Neil, Ryan Sawyer, Christina Files & Dawn Kasper
Jun 8 Zaimph @ Front Room Gallery with Warren Ng
Jun 25 Zebulon – benefit for Tom Carter with Pigeons, Steve Gunn & DJ Mike Wolf & visuals by Martha Colburn
Jun 28 Cafe Oto with Astral Social Club

Jun 29 St Margaret’s Church, Whalley Range, Manchester with Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides & Bridget Hayden
Jun 30 Wharf Chambers, Leeds with Neil Campbell/Mick Flower and Bridget Hayden
Jul 1 Unitarian Church, Todmorden with Sam McLoughlin, Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides & Bridget Hayden (5:30pm)
Jul 14 Port d’Or with Josh Burkett and Ralph White
Jul 27 King St Manor, Northampton, MA w/ Joshua Burkett/Big Blood/Village of Spaces
Jul 30 WFMU Airborne event with DJ Dan Bodah 9pm – Midnight. Tune in!
Aug 19 Death By Audio Brooklyn, NY Zaimph with US Girls and Eric Copeland

Sep 3 Johnny Brendas Phila, PA. Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski and Alavrius B
Sep 4 Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY. Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski and Alavrius B
Sep 21-22 Cool Festival, Montreal, Canada
Sep 23 Feeding Tube Records, Northampton, MA w/ Barry Weisblat, Matt Krefting. Collaboration with Jenny Graf
Sep 28 Storefront, Brooklyn, NY
Oct 6 Reverse Gallery – The Sound of Speech/Interpertation Session 2, Brooklyn, NY
Nov 6 Radio Gagarin Konzert der roten flora, Hamburg, Germany
Nov 9 Liebig 12 West Germany, Berlin, Germany Zaimph w/ Concern, Warwick/kouligas duo and more 

Febuary 18 Collaboration with Samara Lubelski at Feeding Tube Records Northampton, MA
Febuary 19th Collaboration with Samara Lubelski at PA’s Lounge Cambridge, Boston & very special night –rare Alvarius B performance & record release!
Febuary 21st Collaboration with Samara Lubelski at Casa del Popolo, Montreal,Canada
Febuary 22th Collaboration with Samara Lubelski at Zebulon Brooklyn, NY
March 25th Collaboration with Barry Weisblat at Silent Barn Brooklyn, NY
Aug 3 The Stone, avenue C and 2nd street @ 10pm (5 dollars)
Aug 5 Secret Art Space, Bethlehem, PA with Fursaxa and Driphouse (NYC)
Oct 29 ZDB-Ze Dos Bois, Lisboa, Portugal. Collab with Margarida Garcia.
Oct 30 Porto, Portugal
Oct 31 Salão nobre da camara municipal, Barcelos, Portugal. 21h45
Nov 5 Rendez Vous Festival, Club Setubalense, Setúbal, Portugal. Collab with Margarida Garcia.
Dec 8 Shea Stadium, Brooklyn with Decimus, New Monuments & United Waters


Jan 23 Death By Audio, Brooklyn, NY Collaboration with Jenny Graf

Feb 14 Issue Project Room Brooklyn, NY “A Valentine For Jack Rose” West Coast Tour with Stellar Om Source and Pacific Nightlife Vision Band Feb 23rd “Steve’s House” Arcata,CA w/ Pacific City Nightlife Vision Band, Stellar Om Source, Starving Weirdos
Feb 24th The Hub, Sacramento, CA w/ Bill Orcutt, Pacific City Nightlife Vision Band, Stellar Om Source, DMPH
Feb 25th Hemlock, San Francisco, CA w/ Bill Orcutt, Pacific City Nightlife Vision Band, Stellar Om Source
Feb 26th Day off
Feb 27th Los Angeles, CA w/ Pacific City Nightlife Vision Band, Stellar Om Source
Feb 28th San Diego, Cafe Che w/ Pacific City Nightlife Vision Band, Stellar Om Source
Mar 1 @ Cal Arts, Los Angeles, CA 2pm-5pm Talk and perfomance Zaimph & Stellar Om Source Mar 1st @ Echo Curio, Los Angeles, CA w/ Pacific City Nightlife Vision Band, Stellar Om Source, more tba March 13 Montreal, QC @ Casa Del Popolo, Festival Under The Snow
April 15-18th TransModern Festival, Baltimore, MD
June 5th Night of audio/visuals & collaboration with Jenny Graf at Secret Project Robot Room, Brooklyn, NYC cd release of Peradam/Utech Records
June 23rd Gift Tapes Presents: An evening of contemporary drone music with Zaïmph, Jaime Fennelly & Brother Raven Seattle WA
July 10 Port D’or Brooklyn, NY
July 14 Collaboration with Samara Lubelski at Zebulon, Brookyln, NY
July 22 Purple Haze Triple Canopy Brooklyn / Double Features, organized by C. Spencer Yeh
August 21 8pm – Collaboration with Samara Lubelski at Secret Project Robot Brooklyn, NY
August 29 show starts at 6pm – Zaimph Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NY
October 16th- Drone Marathon -Collaboration with Aki Onda, Margarida Garcia and Barry Weisblat at Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY
October 28th Zaimph at Dense Mesh, Brooklyn, NY
November 6th- Playing in Jan Anderzen’s band: Kemilliset Ystavat at Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY
November 20th- Collaboration with Margarida Garcia and Barry Weisblat at Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY
December 8th at Silent Barn – CoOL Fest NYC with Purple Haze Brooklyn, NY
December 9th Zaimph at Elevens Northampton, MA
December 10th CoOL Fest Montreal Canada


Mar 14 Station Lygten Copenhagen, Denmark
Mar 15 Utmarken, Gothenburg, Sweden
Mar 16 Skaanes Konstförening, Bragegatan 15/Ystadvägen 22 Malmo, Sweden
Mar 17 Ghent, Belgium
Mar 18 “radio FSK” Hamburg, Germany
Mar 19 Spedition Breman, Germany
Mar 20 Muhka Media Antwerp, Belgium
Mar 21 Kuntstraum Richard Sorge Berlin, Germany
Mar 22 Day off
Mar 23 Kulturebunker Koln, Germany
Mar 24 Villa Grijpsheert, Den Haag, The Hague
Mar 25 Extrapool Nijmegen, NL
Mar 26 OCII Amsterdam, NL
Mar 27 BOKAL ROYAL rue royal 123 Brussels, BE
June 13, Studio at Webster Hall w/ Sir Richard Bishop & His Freak of Araby Ensemble & Oaxacan
June 18th in-store at Dissonant Plane Seattle, WA
June 19th Olympia Experimental Music Festival w/ Pulse Emitter & a bunch of other bands
June 20th Sorority House (603 NE Halsey) Portland OR w/ EAT SKULL /SPARE DEATH ICON/HONED BASTION
June 22nd Valentines , Portland OR (special collab. Zaimph & Tenses) w/ Ilyas Amhed /Golden Retriever
June 24th The Josephine , Seattle, WA w/ Pete Swanson, Brother Raven & Magnetic Ring
June 25th Little Mountains Studios, Vancouver, B.C. w/ Pete Swanson & Magnetic Ring
July 3rd The Pines , Montreal
July 4th Yod Space show North Hampton MA
August 29 West Nile w/ Ascension (brooklyn), Evil Spirits (baltimore) and Teaadora (boston)
September 5 Monkey Town w/ Irene Moon and MV Carbon
September 27 Issue Project Room Purple Haze
Upcoming Radio show on WKCR New Music program
October 27th Issue Project Room NYC Collaborations w/ Michael Flower, Chris Corsano, Count Hejnowski, Phil Todd and Mel Crowley
November 5th Death by Audio with Infinity Window, James Ferraro & Eric Copeland
November 6th Brick Bat Books Philadelphia with Ashtray Navigations
November 7th The Bank, Baltimore Collaboration with Jenny Graf also on the bill Ashtray Navigations
November 19 Issue Project Room Collaboration with Margarida Garcia
November 20 The Rotunda, 4014 Walnut Street, Phila. PA Collaboration with Margarida Garcia
November 21 14 Karat Cabaret,218 West Saratoga St., Downtown Baltimore Collaboration with Margarida Garcia
Monday Dec 7 radio show on WKCR New Music program 89.9, 3-6pm. Zaimph.

Jan 5 McKibben Street Loft
May 6 Knitting Factory, NY, NY w/ Earth/Kayo Dot
Aug 12 Ithaca, NY w/ Jenny Graf
Aug 18 Elevens, Northampton, MA w/ Jenny Graf
Sep 13 Phila, PA
Sep 17 Knitting Factory, NY, NY
Nov 18 Athens, Greece w/ Family Battlesnake and Om Stellar Source
Nov 23 Skipton, UK w/ Michael Flower Band
Nov 24 Nottingham, UK
Nov 25 Manchester, UK w/ Bridget Hayden
Nov 27 London, UK w/ Bridget Hayden
Dec 12-15 Cool Festival, Montreal, Canada Collaboration with Mattin

Jan 03 Glasgow, Scotland Captain’s Rest, w/ Josephine Foster
Feb 27 Brooklyn, NY, West Nile, w/ Carlos Giffoni
Mar 05 Phila. PA, Brick Bat Books,
Apr 09 NY, NY Anthology, collaboration with Irene Moon
Jun 22 Brooklyn, NY Schoolhouse Loft w/ Nonloc
Jul 01 Brooklyn, NY, Silent Barn,
Jul 26 Brooklyn, NY Issue Project Room, w/ Pruient and Sunroof!
Sep 05 Brooklyn, NY Death By Audio, w/ D. Charles Speer and Sunburned
Sep 7-9 Portland,ME Times of River Festival,
Oct 03 NY,NY Knitting Factory, w/ Boris and Damon & Naomi
Nov 27 Brooklyn, NY Issue Project Room,
Dec 20 Brooklyn, NY Silent Barn

Mar 01 Glasgow, UK Mono w/ Heather Leigh and Sir Richard Bishop
May 03 Edinburgh, UK Henry’s Cellar Spectre/Zaimph, Usurper and Nackt Insecten
Jun 03 Cambridge, UK The Man of the Moon w/Heather Leigh, Hush Arbors, Sunburned

Christina Carter Aug 19 Hudson, NY Hudson River Theater Tour w/ Fursaxa & Christina Carter
Aug 20 Ottawa,Canada Avant-Garde Bar,w/ Fursaxa & Christina Carter, plus Carlos Giffoni
Aug 21 Toronto,Canada Gladstone Hotel w/ Fursaxa & Christina Carter, plus Carlos Giffoni
Aug 22 Montreal, Canada Weekend Five Roses Tour w/ Fursaxa & Christina Carter
Aug 23 North Adams, MA Contemporary Arts Cntr Tour w/ Fursaxa & Christina Carter
Aug 24 Portland, ME Strange Maine Tour w/ Fursaxa & Christina Carter
Aug 25 Boston, MA Zeitgeist Gallery Tour w/ Fursaxa & Christina


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