Gestures, recent collaboration with Ursula Scherrer included in Screen Compositions 20
sound – Marcia Bassett / video – Ursula Scherrer
The audio was recorded in May 2023 at a performance of Bassett and Scherrer at Sonoscopia in Porto

Video Documentation from KRUT FEST III – 14/10/23, De Koer, Ghent – Marcia Bassett live sound and video synthesis

Video and sound by Marcia Bassett for COOL FEST 2021 – Stream on DEC 25, 2021- see the entire festival archived at COOL FEST 2021


In their first joint fixed video-audio work NYC-based sound artist Bassett and NYC-based Canadian intermedia artists Liberovskaya explore sounds that either defined of that were missed during the pandemic: Eerie silence, randomness of sound encountered and an environment of uncertainty. This work follows a previously extensive collaboration on live music and live visual performance.


The Experimental Sound Studio Quarantine Series – Marcia Bassett & Ted Gordon with visuals by Camilla Padgitt-Coles

Shelley Hirsch & Marcia Bassett – December 15th, 2018 from ISSUE Project Room on Vimeo.

inter_woven a durational performance with Marcia Bassett, Sound, and Ursula Scherrer, Performace at Inference Medina of Tunis on Vimeo.

Zaimph “Coiled Fall” from Sergej Vutuc on Vimeo.

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