Midnight Xpander

The long-awaited MIDNIGHT XPANDER LP is finally available for purchase! Recorded at the EMS Studios Stockholm during my fall 2019 residency there with further mixing during the COVID-19 lockdown. I’m delighted to have the physical copies finally! I’ve been hand-embellishing each cover, so every single LP cover is unique!  I shipped 50 LPs overseas to Soundohm, who highlighted the LP in their Best of 2022! Bradford Bailey, the writer behind The Hum, wrote a fitting description of which I’ve highlighted a small excerpt here: “Veteran experimentalist, Marcia Bassett, returns with “Midnight Xpander”, easily one of the most exciting entries into the field of drone and contemporary minimalism that we’ve encountered in a good while. Predominantly recorded with a Buchla 200 system at EMS in Stockholm, Sweden, and imbued with abstraction and the bristling tension of punk and noise, its subtle structures and intertwining harmonics immerse the mind in a deeply organic, hallucinatory realm that places Bassett at the forefront of the field.” I still have some LPs left via YEW Recordings, and for those of you overseas, you might want to head over to Forced Exposure to place your order.

And a special bonus with the Bandcamp purchase is a video Sean Julian shot on his Digital Harinezumi set to Glacial Scar. Many thanks to Andrew Lafkas for contributing bass to Glacial Scar as well!


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