New Solo Releases Artsy Records & Krut

Now available  – Undulating Akrasboning cassette released on Artsy Records, edition of 100

”Undulating Akrasboning” was recorded live in my Brooklyn apartment in early 2022. Improvised sound and language shapeshift thought and space.

Mesmerizing gestures deviate, repeat and dissolve into an undulating spectrum of sound colors that never stop moving and breathing.
Tones, patterns, and reverberations morph through the present. A complex play evolves, slowly rising and falling through space, fragmentary text is spoken, and an abstracted voice rises within the energy of the chaos as if in a destabilized landscape hovering between reality and fiction. *** Akrasboning = the spirit who lives inside of humanity *** Hilma Af Kilnt

and Altering The Form a digi EP on KRUT

KRAAK FESTIVAL 2022 KRUT SPECIALS: Vertigo-inducing swooshings from Marcia Bassett’s modular discordia ~ chaos sputters, collapses and repurposes itself.

“Brooklyn’s Marcia Bassett has been an influential, nay, integral part of the international underground for the past 20 years at least. Co-founder of seminal bands Double Leopards, GHQ, Hototogisu, frequent partner in crime of Samara Lubelski and head runner of the Yew label, Marcia Bassett’s solo output pursues the always-curious, always-experiential trajectory that she’s traced thus far. Her dexterous and inventive use of everything from synthesizers to field recordings to guitar to her own handmade instruments results in droney sonic landscapes that broach planes beyond time itself. ”
released August 29, 2022

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